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Wer wir sind:
























Das Barock-Performance Duo "BaroqueBitches" ist auf der Straße entstanden. Nach Studium, Meisterkursen, kleinen und großen Engagements haben sich Nicole Tschaikin und Claudia Roick im Spätfrühling 2015 entschieden, es einfach mal zu probieren. Die Sängerinnen fanden, dass Operngesang die Leute näher erreichen müsste - ohne Sicherheitsabstand. Also raus auf die Straße. Eine Bühne gibt es überall.

Mit Neontüll, Barockperücke und weiss geschminktem Gesicht, kreierten Claudia und Nicole die BaroqueBitches: immer ein bisschen over the top und sicher nicht zu ernst.


Auf diese Weise haben die BaroqueBitches bereits Berlin, München, Paris, Salzburg, Venedig, Rom, Schwerin oder auch Landshut im schönen Bayern erobert. Sie performen auf Straßen, auf Booten, in Zügen und auf den schönsten Brücken.

Vermehrt sind sie auch Showacts auf Festivals (HorsLits Paris2017, Straßenmusikfestivals Ludwigsburg2017 und Braunschweig2017), in Bars (Klunkerkranich Berlin2015, SOMA ArtGallery2017) und Clubs (35 mm München2016). Sie kollaborieren mit Barockensembles (Ljubljana, Slowenien2015) und suchen nach immer neuen Crossover-Abenteuern.

BB Ludwigsburg


Who we are:



The baroque performance duo "BaroqueBitches" was originally created on the streets. In late spring 2015, Nicole Tschaikin and Claudia Roick decided to try their luck. After finishing their opera studies at the music academy, trying out master classes, experiencing small and big performances, the singers decided, that opera should reach people without safety borders. From now on they would want to turn any street into their stage.

With neon tulle, baroque wigs and white, painted faces Claudia and Nicole created the BaroqueBitches. Baroque and Bitch - it was meant to be together: always a bit over the top and surely never too serious.

Following this idea the BaroqueBitches conquered Berlin, Munich, Paris, Salzburg, Venice, Rome, Schwerin in northern Germany or Landshut in Bavaria. They perform on streets, boats, trains and on the most beautiful bridges.

Increasingly the Bitches become show acts in bars (Berlin), clubs (Munich) and festivals (Hors Lits). They collaborate with baroque ensembles (Lubljana, Slovenia) and always look for new crossover adventures.



















More about Claudia: Claudia Roick studied singing in Rostock (northern Germany) and Jerusalem (Israel). She was the prize winner of various international competitions and sang Musetta at "Classic Open Air Berlin". She is a returning artist at festival "Opernale", where she also had her Pamina debut in 2016. Claudia frequently gives recitals from classical art song to German chanson of the 20ies. Her musical roots where grown through the violin which she started learning at age seven. Furthermore Claudia started dancing Flamenco when she was a teenager which even brought her to teach Sevillanas workshops in northern Germany.


More about Nicole: Nicole Tschaikin started singing as a little, innocent girl in a church choir. Born in 1988 in Leipzig she began her professional vocal training at the Hochschule für Musik und Theater Leipzig and finished her studies at the Universität der Künste Berlin. She took part in competitions, she was engaged on various stages , danced different styles like ballet and Latin-American championships but she also was the lead singer of a punk band, a background singer in a funk band and performed in various pop ensembles.

Performance Timeline




23.02.19 - "Time Travel Bitches - BaroqueBitches On The Road" @St. Spiritus, Greifswald, Germany


22.02.19 - BaroqueBitches @Robert-Bosch-Stiftung Berlin (Auftaktveranstaltung der Neulandgewinner 2019)





31.12.18: "BaroqueBitches Dans Le Cabaret" @Gutshaus Ludorf, M-V, Germany


25.11.18: "BaroquBitches Dans Le Cabaret" @LeZimmer, Paris, France


26.10.18: "Time Travel Bitches - BaroqueBitches On the Road" @Freisprung Theater Festival Rostock, Germany

(2nd Place)


26.05.18: "Time Travel Bitches - BaroqueBitches On The Road" @Theater O-TonArt Berlin, Germany


15.-17.05.18 BaroqueBitches @Hors Lits Festival, München, Germany


17.02.18 BaroqueBitches @DinnerVeneziano, Gutshaus Vogelsang, M-V, Germany


21.01.18 BaroqueBitches @Benefizkonzert Rostock, M-V, Germany





26.10.17: "Time Travel Bitches - BaroqueBitches On The Road" @Theater O-TonArt Berlin, Germany


05.-06.08.17: BaroqueBitches @Straßenmusikfestival Braunschweig


02.-04.06.17: BaroqueBitches @Straßenmusikfestival Ludwigsburg


05.05.17: "Time Travel Bitches - BaroqueBitches On The Road" @Cafe Tasso, Berlin, Germany


04.05.17: "Time Travel Bitches - BaroqueBitches On The Road" @DAS HAUS, Berlin, Germany


20.-22.04.17: BaroqueBitches @Hors Lits Paris, France





October 16: BaroqueBitches @Hors Lits WarmUp München, Germany


July 16: BaroqueBitches @BaroqueMasterClass Ljubljana, Slowenia


May 16: BaroqueBitches @Steglitzer Tage für Alte Musik Berlin, Germany





July/August: Busking Tour in Berlin, Salzburg, Venice, Rome

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