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Hors Lits München


Olliver Kronwitter - Layout für Plakate, Logos und Merchandise


Fabio Malerba - Handpan (2015/16)


Izidor Erazem Grafenauer Grof - Theorbo / Lute  (2015)


Julia Hohnschild - Booking (ab Feb/März 2019)


Christian Tiffert - Video


Sigrun Paschke - Accordion ( May 2018)

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We love to cooperate! We believe in the art of connection and therefore collected many dear artists throughout the years who are truely inspiring. They all add their special notes and inputs to our shows. Supporting one another means everything in the artists world. We are constantly working on expanding our network. Let us know if you want to contribute, have an idea or just feel like working with us.


Presenting you some of our artist partners: